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Well we've lived here for two years now and I'm finally getting around to showing you guys the studio! We call our "new" 10 acre home Paint Water Farm because, well, every home should have a name, right? Bert wanted to name it Heaps of Dog Hair Manor but I think Paint Water Farm is a little more, ahem, appealing and the studio lives up to the name I think.

At our old house we were bursting at the seams with business stuff spilling into every room. We eventually moved the studio from a renovated laundry room and transformed our garage into a wonderful studio. I loved it so much! But, alas, it was still too small to accommodate all of the products and packaging we use every day. When we decided to move, we knew that our next home studio needed to offer enough space to create but also enough space to store products, supplies and shipping materials completely separate from our living space.

When we first moved in, only part of the walk-in basement was finished. You can see below how we knocked out part of the dividing wall and painted it a nice bright white.

I wasn't sure about the color of this door- it's a bit too "safety orange" but I don't feel like repainting it so I think it's growing on me. :)

This is where I spend most of my studio time, packing orders. I love how there's enough space - and enough tables!- to have my projects spread out where I can see them.

And I have a storage room! It's not glamorous but I finally have space for all the supplies we use every day.

I get asked a lot about our card and supply storage and I don't necessarily recommend our method but it meets our needs. With two big dogs hanging out in the studio we have to deal with dust and dog hair. That's just the way it is! So we use plastic storage bins to help keep our greeting cards free from the elements. Not ideal but gets the job done!

My friend Katie recently gave me a bunch of prints that her parents had in the 70s and I love them so much! I have always wanted to have a Corita Kent print and this iconic image makes me so happy! I love that I get to see it every day.

Everything has its own spot! Most products are housed in the studio and the shipping supplies stay in the storage room. The dolls on the top shelf are from waaaaaay back when I thought I wanted to sell doll patterns for a living.

The tube in the ceiling is for radon mitigation.

I also get asked a lot about my sticker storage bins. You can find them here.

I hope you enjoyed the grand tour! All in all this is a great, functional and cozy space that is finally clean enough for me to show you lol.


  • Kirstin

    Your new studio makes me so happy! It’s such a cheery, inspiring space with enough organization to be effective and efficient, but not so much that it becomes sterile. Everything is perfect!
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Thank you my friend! It’s finally beginning to feel…right- just like the rest of the house! It’s been slow going to get the energy to change. It started out pretty cold but efficient but it’s now got a better vibe to it. Thank you for visiting! :)

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