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The Garden Planner & Journal

Join my virtual garden club! Being good stewards of the earth extends to our gardens, big and small. Explore my 37-page eBook full of beautiful illustrations and thoughtful prompts.

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Shake Up Your Life in 7 Days eBook

You’re invited to use the next 7 days to slow down and identify what patterns you may have settled into in your midlife and do FUN daily challenges to shake up your meals, music, house, clothing and more!

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Sacred Stories Coloring Pages

There is something so soothing and meditative about coloring! Grab four beautiful pages and reflect on the tiny sacred moments of your life. Print them out and let your intuition loose!

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Spring Mindfulness Journal

One of my mindfulness practices is to be present to the gifts of each season - and to be grateful for them while they last. Use this journal to reflect on the gifts of spring.

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Do Not Be Dismayed Print

A big thank you to author and social justice activist L.R. Knost for giving me permission to illustrate her hope filled words. The broken world waits for the light that is you.

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Autumn Mini Gratitude Journal

Developing a gratitude practice has been so important to me in my life. Consider this mini journal a chance to explore the autumn season and notice what brings you joy!

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Winter Coloring Pages

Enjoy five printable journaling and coloring pages to help you focus your energy and reflect on the gifts of winter. What's winter like where you live? How will you set your intentions for the year ahead?

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Winter Solstice Blessing

Thank you to Allison Carolina for writing this winter solstice blessing as a gift to you my friends. Let the beckoning of the season's darkness be an invitation.

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More of What Matters During The Holidays Print

I wrote a list of what I love about the holidays and distilled it down to this one illustration, a visual reminder to slow down and savor the season.

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