Photo Credit: Kate Schwager



I'm Lori Roberts of Little Truths Studio.

For me, painting is a way of celebrating all the little truths this world has to offer, everyday miracles worthy of celebration: the immense potentiality held within a tiny acorn, the cycle of the moon, the subtle meaning expressed in a poem or a simple act of kindness that changes someone's outlook.

I seek deeper truths and understanding about ourselves-- what it means to be human, finding happiness, the importance of interconnectedness, our intrinsic need for nature.

My illustrations are an extension of this seeking.

Like many of us, midlife brought about much soul-seeking and exploration, trying to discern if I had a calling outside the cubicle I had become accustomed to.

I don't ask for the full ringing of the bell. I don't ask for a clap of thunder that would rend the veil in the temple. A scrawny cry will do, from far off there among the willows and the cattails, from far off there among the galaxies. - Wallace Stevens

I started painting at age 40 and opened up my etsy shop in 2014. Happily, in 2017, I left the cubicle and now paint in my tiny studio in the lush green landscape outside Portland, Oregon, where I live with my husband and our extremely photogenic cat, Steinbeck.

Thanks for stopping by to explore these LITTLE TRUTHS with me.