Hey friends,

Happy, happy January! Happy brand spanking new year!

Just look at the sunshine streaming through this window! Gah, is there anything better than a sunshiny, crisp winter's day? I love winter but as soon as Christmas has passed, the decorations have come down, my new year's resolutions have been scrapped, you know the seed catalogs start arriving and I'm immersed in visions of spring. I'm not complaining.

Are you cooking up anything good these days?

Me, I'm trying to refocus my menu planning so we don't keep eating tacos every night. I got a bunch of cookbooks for Christmas so this week we're trying some new recipes, this recipe for pozole looks great.

For my birthday Bert made these cupcakes and Detroit style pizza ~ both were excellent. Have you ever made Detroit style pizza? I didn't actually know Detroit had a style of pizza but wow. We are not usually deep dish pizza people, we like cracker thin crust usually. But this was awesome. And I'm a total convert: I will be putting the sauce on last from now on- no more soggy crust!

One thing I've learned is that people are VERY particular about their pizza! So don't give me any guff for putting cheddar cheese AND pineapple AND jalapenos (the sacrilege!) on ours lol. Also, if you need a fun documentary to watch this one is excellent and will make you search out the nearest New Haven style pizza joint like we did.

Let's see, as far as studio news goes, this month I've been going through my greeting card line and trying to be more ruthless about which cards need to be's so hard! They're my babies lol. But I have limited space for them so some just have to go to make room for new ones. But how to choose?? Some cards like this one are old favorites but they just don't really fit in my line anymore. But I like all the other ones lol. Anyway, 18 new cards will be rolling out in a couple weeks and I have no place to put them. Ha.

My dad made me this wood rabbit over a year ago but I finally got up the gumption to paint it. Sometimes when I try something new (acrylic painting, painting on wood...) I get paralyzed and just don't begin. Kind of like when I'm staring at a blank piece of paper and haven't painted for awhile. Sometimes, at least for me, I just need to start. Just do it. Because I can spend a lottttt of time sitting there not knowing how to begin.

My latest antique shop finds... I love painted pottery.

And lastly, when I'm not binge watching TV shows I am plotting to throw out our TV when Bert isn't looking.

Do you get that way too? I know TV can be a colossal waste of time but......... HAVE YOU SEEN SEVERANCE??? Ughhhhhhhh so so so good. So fresh. I love shows that stretch my imagination and bring on lots of conversation. Like this one too. I'll throw the TV out after the Australian Open. And Vienna Blood. And The Pale Blue Eye. And............

So friends, tell me what you're making, reading, watching, cooking?

p.s. I'm so thrilled that so many of you have enrolled in The Unfolding, my online course about midlife! Just a reminder that you have until the end of January to get the early bird price. You can learn a bit more about it here.

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