The Unfolding

An online course inviting you to creatively explore the midlife experience with purpose & passion. 

Are you ready to embrace the transformative power of midlife
and reclaim your true, joyful, authentic, soulful nature?

Have you become so focused on everyone else around you- your spouse, partner, kids, parents, job- that you've forgotten who you are?

Do you feel like you're just treading water? Living a life of obligations, appointments, and responsibility and feeling disconnected from what ignites your passion and brings you joy?

When you think about the next chapter of your life, do you wonder, is is this it?

What if I want more?

 At some point I said, how did I let my self,
my world get so small?
I want more. I want more meaning. I want more joy. 

What if you felt moved to explore the next chapters of your life with renewed energy, focus and intention?

What if it felt safe enough for you to explore your deepest dreams and create a life of meaning?

What if you were inspired to become the bravest, most authentic version of yourself?

What if you were compelled to say, "I'm doing this for me. I am ready."

Let's make one thing clear before we go any further.
Seeking something different, something more
does not mean you are ungrateful for the life you have.  You can be grateful and restless at the same time.

The search for meaning itself is a reason to be thankful. 

Not so long ago, I was just where you are...

My own Unfolding started in my mid-30s. Something started bubbling up, calling me to start asking some tough questions about my life.

How did I get here? How did I slowly settle into this watered-down, beige existence instead of really living and intentionally creating a colorful, abundant life?

What does this mean? How do I change?

It's not self-indulgent to want your life to shift.
Your creativity. Your joy. Your life is waiting.
Let's build lives of beauty and fulfillment.

This course is for you if you want more:

You want to cultivate a life of optimism & gratitude. 

You believe in joy for
joy's sake.   

You know self-compassion will sustain you through
good times and bad.

You are ready to find your way home to your true self. 

As a lifelong reflective writer and someone who has published two guided journals, I know how powerful it can be to get our thoughts down on paper and start untangling our midlife experience.

The creative exercises in this course are personal to my own journey and have helped me gain focus, awareness, and meaning in my life.

No matter how true the midlife stereotypes may be, I know there is so much more to my experience than jokes about hot flashes, mom jeans and double chins. Let's talk about the power, the wisdom, the gift that is RIGHT NOW. This moment.

I feel inspired, even compelled, to turn the midlife stereotype on its head. To show my daughter and the world what midlife is really about.

Lori’s prompts are meant to inspire you and get you thinking, and they do not disappoint. It was a deep focus on what I value, what I want out of life, and what my strengths are. I return to my pages often to remind myself of who I am when I start to feel overloaded, and I continue to use art in my journaling. I highly recommend The Unfolding for anyone who needs re-centering, rest, and time to reflect.
~ Sarah

This Course Includes:

6 lushly illustrated modules with over 50 thought-provoking art journaling prompts

These juicy exercises encourage self-reflection and real growth.

We're moving towards a new sense of wholeness, people!  We're not dipping a toe in the water here,
we're going all in.

6 creative, hands-on activities

Let's take a playful, creative approach to this kind of exploration by making a midlife manifesto, a midlife vision board and other activities, which will serve as
impactful reminders of our hopes & plans for the future.

Let's expand ourselves into the world of poetry, music, and storytelling to remind us this kind of seeking is sacred and we are our own best & truest guides. 

6 gorgeous
inspirational videos

Take a peek inside my home, studio and life on 10 acres in rural Oregon, where I find inspiration to creatively work through the Unfolding content.

You'll see my approach to art journaling and the materials I use.

We'll write, draw, paint, and explore the course content in creative, soul-stirring ways.

5 guest posts from some of my favorite
midlife mentors

For me, midlife is about surrounding myself with empowered, creative women who are owning their midlife experience and inspire me to do the same. I know their powerful personal stories will inspire you as well. 

7 beautifully illustrated printable worksheets and art prints

Each Unfolding section offers a printable PDF- worksheets, inspirational artwork, art journaling elements, all designed to encourage, move, and delight you.

A surprise, personal welcome gift from Lori

I would love to welcome each and every one of you with a small token of my admiration and respect, a tangible reminder of the power and
wisdom you hold. 
You're doing such important, impactful, life-shifting work here.
And I'm cheering you on!

Now is the time.
Lean in to this season of your life. Embrace the possibility.
Tell your story and honor how far you've come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get the course content all at once or one exercise at a time?

As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive
the entire course and get instant access to ALL of the course materials.

This means you can go at
your own pace!

How do I know if I'm the right age for
The Unfolding?

Self-reflection like this can
happen at any age!
This is about taking stock, counting our blessings, and looking
toward the rest of our lives with
intention and purpose.
Embrace the possibility!

Is this a painting course? I'm not very creative.

This course can be done with just a notebook & pen or with your entire arsenal of art supplies.

There is an abundance of inspirational content that encourages a playful, creative approach to the materials.

Will there be a private Facebook group for this course?

There is a discussion component inside the online classroom where we will be able to connect, share photos & videos and support each other.

You can also use the hashtag #TheUnfoldingCourse
on social media.

What is the refund policy?

Once you are enrolled in the course I am unable to offer a refund.

I encourage you to contact me
if you have any questions about
the course prior to signing up.

You used to offer this as a printable PDF workbook, will I get a workbook with this course?

The Unfolding is now an interactive online course which includes illustrated journaling prompts, videos and activities. There are several printable PDFs in this course but not in a workbook format.

"If you are a woman, struggling as you find yourself in a new season of life, this course is for you. Lori’s gentle encouragement, beautiful artwork, and creative exercises will help you reconnect with your soul and discover your next adventure. I think this would make a lovely activity for friends to do together."
~ Laura

Let's do this! 

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