Hey friends!

My first online course The Unfolding launches in two days! Huzzah!

This course is very personal to my own experience, born out of my own search for a path through midlife. And to try to make sense of a period of tremendous change, for which I felt completely unprepared. For someone who has always found comfort in a well organized plan and who rejoices in handbooks with clear instructions, midlife was (and continues to be) a pretty weird place to be. :)

In my late 30s something started bubbling up, an unsettling feeling. It was like I'd been sleepwalking through my adult life, and had just woken up to this realization. Political elections came and went without much thought. Commercials and ads told me what to buy, how to eat, what to wear. I was cruising on autopilot. And autopilot achieves two things: 1. Your life speeds by without you paying much attention. And 2. It offers a convenient numbing effect that lures you away from thinking about difficult realities (Why am I still working this job? Why don't I have any interesting hobbies? Do I have any big dreams?) 

As I began to wake up I realized that the ways I had been living in the first half of my life were not going to serve me effectively in the second half. I wanted to start moving toward a new reality. I wanted to stop the years from speeding by, because when I look at this photo I think: this was 20 years ago and it went by in an instant! 

I want to embrace my life at this moment, RIGHT NOW, and really lean in to the rest of it.

What kind of woman would I be in the second half of my life? Whatever the answer, I knew I wanted to embrace it with the clear-eyed intention and reverence it deserves and that is the whole idea behind this course. Because one thing I know now is that when people say, "where does the time go?" it's because they mean it. I get that now! If I could grab you by the shoulders I would say, this is it people! The time is now!

There is an incredible untapped potential in midlife if we lift the veil and embrace it head on. And this, this, this is what The Unfolding is all about.

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  • That old photo is great! I’m so excited for your new e-course. I know it will help so many of us as we try to navigate the next season of our lives. Thank you for being so generous by sharing the lessons you have learned along the way.
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Thank you friend! It was and still is a labor of love. Thank you for your contribution too!

    Laura Bray on

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