Summer Things

So summer is here and yet I have been wearing sweatpants for the last 11 days. Partly because it's been chilly here in the PNW but also because my whole I Love Working From Home Daily Routine has been turned on its head. Pandemics will do that. Time is weird. Half the time I think the days are going and the other half of the time I think my life is just whizzing by- Pandemic Time Confusion. So I've been baking. And reading. And not painting. And cleaning. And doing puzzles (in my sweatpants) like this one. ( I'm kind of obsessed with Charles Wysoki puzzles now, especially this one and this one. ) Yes, I'm always a fan of a cozy winter scene even in the middle of summer! Am I pinning soup recipes? Am I counting down the days until it's appropriate to make spiced apple cider? .........maybe.........

But alas, the sun has returned, so I am trying to lean in to summer. No soup for me! Instead of making soup, we're grilling. A lot. This week we made our favorite grilled chicken with a charred corn salad kind of like this one but we added a big blob of pico de gallo, more lime juice, less mayo, and we used feta instead of cotija cheese. I am not embarrassed to say we ate the whole salad between us. 

As far as painting goes, I am out of the habit. After powering through finishing all of the art for a wall calendar (yaaaaaay!) I hit a wall. Hence the puzzle doing and the cleaning. So here are some things I'm working on:

  • I'm re-doing my More of What Matters Mindfulness Workbook which I think will help me with my Pandemic Time Confusion.
  • I have a printable cooking binder I'm working on similar to my printable garden binder. My daughter is finally showing an interest in cooking so I'm having fun creating an illustrated binder for me to add keepsake recipes and for her to add to over time. It's been so fun creating this with her!

Both of those things along with some summery free illustrated recipes will be added to the Courses & Printables section here on my website.

Anyway, my sunflowers are on the verge of blooming. The dogs are barking. My husband Bert is making lemonade. That photo of the red drink, that's raspberry lemonade! Bert is the lemonade maker in the family and he has perfected the art. Blackberry, raspberry lemonade, strawberry limeade. So good. I made blueberry bars, a peach pie and strawberry freezer preserves. And cinnamon rolls for my daughter's 21st birthday. Wildflowers, kayak floats, lemon curd frozen yogurt. Sweet summer things. No pining for Autumn allowed. 

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