Hey friends!

How does your garden grow?

After a few false starts spring has made her way to our neck of the woods and things are finally growing! I absolutely love the magic of spring and watching plants re-emerge after their long hibernation. I love getting to know our climate here and realizing we have a different weather micro-climate than the city we technically live in. The weather apps are always wrong! But we're learning and making mistakes and growing stuff that does't quite like where I planted it and growing stuff that goes gangbusters. That's what I love about gardening: it's always a fluid process, always changing.

And it's a test of my patience! I want a lush full garden NOW, even though we have SO MUCH SPACE to fill, so much bare space covered in mulch and nothing else. So I'm trying to be patient and give myself some grace. There is so much to learn! So much to remember! This veggie shouldn't be planted next to this one. This plant that you love so much is actually invasive and will be a nightmare in your garden.  Sigh....

Despite the learning curve, we're planting more veggies this year. So far we have:

  • Cherry tomatoes- Sungold and chocolate cherry
  • Poblano and mini sweet peppers
  • Pickling cucumbers
  • Green beans
  • Cabbage
  • Kale
  • And a fancy heirloom pumpkin I can't remember the name of.

As someone who has created a neat garden planner/journal I am pathologically behind on using it so it never fails, I can't remember what I planted and/or where I planted it!

Do you garden where you live? How does your garden grow?

P.S. The garden planner I mentioned is being re-designed and will be offered as a free printatble soon. Stay tuned!


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