Where You Can Find Me When I'm Not On Social Media

Hey friends!
I just wanted to pop in here and let you know the best places to connect with me outside of social media. Instagram continues to be a source of frustration these days (my last post only reached 2% of my followers) and so I've decided to diversify where I spend my time.
I think there's a lot to love about instagram, but I've found that it demands a lot more attention than it's willing to return. As a business owner I'm choosing to spend my energy and attention on other platforms rather than attempting to post greater quantities of video content - which is what Instagram chooses to reward. To be honest, creating video content just doesn't feel authentic to me. (I have many friends who enjoy posting videos so this is just my personal preference.)
This being said, I'm not leaving social media altogether, just using it for other purposes.
So here's where you can find me:
  • This blog! Ok don't look at how infrequently I've posted until now lol. I plan on posting here at least 1-2 times a month with general updates on my creative business and tidbits from my home and studio.
  • Little Truths Community Circle on Patreon. This is where I will be posting more in depth and more frequently. Over the last few months we've talked about what we're reading, how to keep an art journal and ward off your inner critic, how your home tells your story, and I offer two printable PDFs each month.
  • My newsletter. My newsletter is to keep you informed of sales, new products and offerings and to let you know when I have a new blog post up. You can sign up for my newsletter if you scroll down a bit on my website homepage.
  • Instagram & Facebook. I do plan to remain on social media but it will be less often.
  • Pinterest. I love pinning homey stuff, gardening ideas and recipes. 

I hope to connect with you soon!




  • Sharm

    I would love to know what kind/type of water colors you use they look lovely in the background.

  • Bert
    Thanks for posting this! Looking forward to connecting with you!

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