November Rain


Now I have that Guns and Roses song in my head now! :)

Oh you guys, give me a soggy, rainy, autumn day and I'm happy. The autumn leaves around here have been glorious this year. Last year it seemed we went from scorching October temperatures to an early November snow with only a smidge of actual fall weather to enjoy.

If it's not raining Bert and I are working out in what we call "the creepy forest." The previous owners had a small area designated as a Christmas tree farm but the trees are all overgrown, sick and dying because they are too close together. So we've been really excited to pull out some of the most affected trees to give the others room to grow and hopefully thrive. And we're researching native woodland plants and visiting our local native plant nursery so we can introduce some understory trees and plants to this area over time. We are totally geeking out over this project. :)

What do you think, is "Creepy Forest" an appropriate name? If we didn't try to reforest this part of our land we could film horror movies out here.

You can see there are some new tree seedlings starting to grow on the outskirts so we want to give those a chance to grow, The rest of the creepy trees have green but it's only on about the top third of the tree.

Lots of work to be done here.

If you celebrate, are you all decorated for the holidays already? I know there's a trend to put your tree up on November 1st but that's not my cup of tea. I love a lingering Autumn and preparing for Thanksgiving- one thing at a time. 

I love Thanksgiving. I love the food traditions of my family. I love cooking from these cookbooks during the holidays. This is what I am usually charged with bringing to Thanksgiving dinner. What does your holiday menu look like? Do you stick to traditions or try new things?

On the shop front I've decided to revamp my entire product line in January. Mugs, tea towels and gift tags are all going to be discontinued so we can focus our energy on the basics once again. This year has continued to test our little business so we are trying to become a little more lean and focused in the new year.

I think that while I don't enjoy stress, I do enjoy being tested. I look forward to finding new ways to reinvent Little Truths into something a little different. And I do appreciate every person who has bought a card or followed along on instagram or joined my newsletter. Your support has meant so much to me over the years!

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