Well friends, I'm rejoicing in my favorite season ~ AUTUMN! And that means I'm in full blown nesting mode- tending the fire, baking and keeping the crock pot in constant rotation. Working from home lends itself pretty well to my nesting practice too as my favorite place to paint is in front of the wood stove. So cozy.
When autumn arrives I notice that my morning ritual shifts. I'm pulled to get up early, enjoying the calm, the coyote chatter, the stillness before the world awakens. I light candles around the house, start the day's first fire, and get the crock pot started. This recipe is a favorite around our house, it makes the house smell amazing and it's so easy. 
p.s. we don't peel the apples before throwing them in the crock pot. We blend the peels into the applesauce after it has cooled. Enjoy!