Everything Is Possible

The other morning before getting out of bed Bert announces: Today is the day!
Today is the day?
Yep, today is the day you eat Fruity Pebbles for the first time in your life.
I had to laugh. His announcement was the culmination of a marriage-long conversation in which Bert cannot fathom how in all my 50 years I've never tried the breakfast cereal that he - the health nut - had grown up on. The cereal with the indescribable, unnatural, rather chemically other-worldly "fruity" flavor, that one never forgets. How is that possible??
My conclusion? They are disgusting, lol. My husband, mockingly offended, could only eat one bowl himself before concluding the same thing. Ah childhood memories.  It's funny how the things we once thought were AMAZING don't always hold up (I'm thinking about a lot of favorite movies I loved in my early years fit this description.) Things change. We change. Seems I may have missed my window for truly appreciating this breakfast classic but I think my childhood cravings were better spent on Lucky Charms. :)

It's almost December and we have snow on the forecast again this week. I know I say this every season but how is it almost December already??! Of course I'm not prepared, with most of the garden unbuttoned and untidy right now. Sigh....

This year I'm trying my hand at growing dahlias. I ordered a bunch of tubers to plant in the spring and when I looked back over the order I realized I only got the ones that look like daisies! Then going over my garden plan as a whole, I notice that I am a magnet to the same shape: ~ dahlias, sneezeweed, coneflowers, sunflowers, daisies, all generally the same shape. And I delight in knowing that I'm drawn to these flowers subconsciously.

I've been dreaming about my spring garden too, starting my seeds. I'm rather new at seed starting and hope to improve my germination skills next season but man oh man, is there anything more exciting than watching seeds grow!? I can picture my daughter reading this and rolling her eyes (in a good way) because she has heard it from me in every way possible: "Life Kenzie is pure possibility. Look at this tiny, unassuming seed. Gah! It will become a ten foot sunflower!" I know I'm a broken record but at this point in my life what do I want? Now that I'm laser-focused on midlife and what that means? I want wonder. I want to be amazed. I want my heart to break open into a million pieces at the universe of possibility inside a freaking sunflower seed. 

“This is really why I made my daughters learn to garden—so they would always have a mother to love them, long after I am gone.”
― Robin Wall Kimmerer

Are you feeling the shift of the season in your neck of the woods? I love the ritual of putting on the flannel sheets, loading up the wood pile, and stocking the pantry with enough cookie ingredients to get me through the winter storm season. This is the time of year when I'm thankful for being able to sit by the wood stove, take a gardening book off the shelf and enjoy a cup of cocoa in comfort and contentment. I hope you are feeling safe and warm, and content in your enjoyment of the season too.

And speaking of being warm and safe, here is a favorite photo of Rocket, our first rescue dog. This picture sums up everything you need to know about what keeps him ticking. I blame his counter-surfing on his troubled puppyhood as a hungry underweight stray. Our Vet will attest that that definitely isn't the case now, lol. In the 5 years we've had him, he's successfully stolen more baked goods off the kitchen counter than I'd like to admit! It's hard to stay mad at him, though. When I see this giant dog all curled up small as a postage stamp, dreaming his dreams, with his legs running and his fur warming by the fire, I wonder at all the possibilities for love, connection and 'rescue' that abound in this world. 


  • Kathryn

    I love your work! I feel like I am a kindred spirit. We happen to have a rescue Great Pyrenees too. As the years go by she trusts us more and more. We also have a Golden Retriever. Life is so much fuller with them. Our pyr is a famous counter surfer also. She loves pizza toppings – the crust, not so much. Thank you for your ways of thinking and sharing.
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Thank you Kathryn! Yeah, it took Rocket and Stevie both rescues, a while to trust us too. Stevie still seems a bit skittish after all these years. She never ventures toward the counters but Rocket is a man on a mission!

  • Laura Bray

    Your house is really starting to look like “you”. So cozy and pretty. I hate to tell Bert, but I’ve never had Fruity Pebbles either. I did have the chocolate version I think. I personally was firmly in the Peanut Butter Captain Crunch camp though.
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    I think I was seriously deprived as a child in the sugary cereal department lol

  • Holly

    Can you tell me where that gorgeous print of “thanks” is from? I love it.
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Isn’t it lovely?! It’s by Frances Whitfield, an artist in the UK. @pan.makes on insatgram.

  • Kirstin

    The last sentence that starts with, “When I see this giant dog…” really hit me in the feels, as my teenaged students would say. You described brilliantly the immense amount of love we are capable of feeling for a creature. I’m looking at one of my dogs right now sound asleep on the couch, paws twitching, and looking so sweet and innocent. Even though his behavior is less than desirable, I still love him so much…
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Kristin, I know how you feel! Rocket is a total handful and keeps me running every single day but I can’t imagine life without him now. I hadn’t owned a dog since I was a kid and now I finally get dog people! “Ahhhh, now I get it!”

  • maddie

    this was such a sweet post filled with cozy photos. it brought a smile to my face!
    Little Truths Studio replied:
    Aw, thank you so much for reading!

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