Creative Inspiration ~ Spring 2019

Creativity may seem elusive, but to me, it's about paying attention. I remind myself of this regularly as I'm always getting bogged down with the minutia of my day to day life. The busier I get the more tunnel vision I have! So I'm always searching for little ways to extract inspiration anywhere I can.

Where I'm finding creative inspiration this spring:

  • This class looks amazing. Part of getting bogged down in the minutia of my life means wearing the same jeans, and the same dog-hair-and-mud covered sweatshirt every day. My excuses look like this: "I work from home and nobody but the UPS guy sees me so who cares what I look like?" Or: "I garden and I'm going to get dirty anyway so I might as well wear the same jeans." But I *feel* different when my clothes are more of a reflection of my personality and creativity and I can wear gardening clothes when I garden, exercise clothes when I exercise (like that ever happens!) and artist clothes when I'm an artist.

Where do you find creative inspiration in your daily life? What is inspiring you this spring?

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