My Favorite Art Supplies

 ***UPDATE*** I have a resources page that links to all of my favorite supplies, tools and books! :)

I thought blog post #1 should be all about art supplies since that is the number one question I get asked!

These are just my personal favorites- experiment on your own to see what works best for you.  The key is to practice. Worry about spending half your paycheck on art supplies down the road. :)


  • Daniel Smith Watercolor- I have a few unusual shades and love them.
  • Holbein Watercolor Tubes- So far I think I just have Shadow Green and it is one of my favorite colors.
  • Winsor & Newton- I started out with student grade (Cotman) and moved on to professional grade (Artist) watercolor and gouache tubes. Excellent quality.

And I finally splurged and bought a SCHMINCKE Watercolor Set like this one. Definitely not a set I started out with as a beginner but worth the investment!


I try to buy the best quality paper that I can afford. But there are plenty of good quality, mid-range pads out there to practice on. Experiment to see if you prefer hot press (smooth) or cold press (rough). I like Canson Watercolor Blocks and Arches Watercolor Blocks.


  • I have many different kinds of watercolor brushes. At least get student grade brushes at the craft store or your local art supply store.
  • The traditional gold standard is Kolinsky Sable brushes but I'm moving toward synthetic brushes for ethical reasons.


  •  Epson v600- This scanner has worked beautifully for a few years now.


  • I use an HP 8620 for routine printing (mailing labels, invoices, etc).
  • I use an Epson R3000 for all of my fine art printing. Excellent print quality.



 Hope this helps!





  • Blair Smith

    Definitely an interesting post!
    Little Truths Studio replied:

  • Stéfani Rossi

    Real watercolor paper makes all the difference! Worth the investment.

  • Stéfani Rossi

    Real watercolor paper makes all the difference! Worth the investment.

  • Catherine Minor

    I love your art work so much! You are wonderful!

    Catherine Minor

  • Amy

    Hello. I like to color. Can you recommend coloring pencils?

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