Choose Hope, Take Action: A Journal to Inspire and Empower

This guided journal is filled with galvanizing quotes and ideas for making positive change, even when you feel discouraged. Whether it's performing random acts of kindness, considering viewpoints different from your own, getting involved in a local organization, or taking action on a national issue that is important to you, the prompts in these pages will leave you feeling empowered, inspired, and hopeful for the future.

Available at your local independent bookstore,, Barnes & Noble. Signed copies available here.

A Life of Gratitude: A Journal to Appreciate It All, Big and Small

Filled with activities, projects, and prompts that can take a minute or a day to complete, this beautiful keepsake journal is the perfect way to get some perspective and find happiness in the present.

Available at your local independent bookstore,, Barnes & Noble. Signed copies available here.

What readers are saying

"This beautiful journal helps me to refocus on the positive and take a quiet moment from the busy nature of motherhood. The illustrations remind me of the simple pleasures of life, and all the things I can be thankful for. This would make a wonderful gift, or a gift to self!" — Suki A

The Unfolding ~ A Printable PDF Journal to explore midlife with purpose and passion

The Unfolding invites you to explore the midlife experience intentionally. Perhaps midlife has brought you to a crossroads- a transitioning career, a changing relationship, an emptying nest- and this has sparked a desire to reevaluate your life. Or maybe you’re just now hearing whispers of...something... bubbling up to the surface, calling you to listen and discover something new. This printable journal is an invitation to explore your inner voice and to cultivate a deeper awareness of who you are in this moment.

Available here.

What readers are saying

"If you are a woman, struggling as you find yourself in a new season of life, this workbook is for you. Lori’s gentle encouragement, beautiful artwork, and creative exercises will help you reconnect with your soul and discover your next adventure. I think this course would make a lovely activity for friends to do together."  ~Laura B.