I forget how much I love this time of year, the alchemy, the magical transformation from winter to spring. There's an energy that's just under the surface and that first hint of warmth after a long winter. Especially now, I find myself drawn outside at the first glimpse of sunshine, pulled to my plants when I'm feeling anxious and uncertain.

My gardens have taken many different forms over the years, everything from a few herbs on my windowsill to ripping out the entire lawn and putting in raised beds for veggies. Years ago I started documenting our gardening adventures in a worn, mud-splattered, well-loved garden 3 ring binder.  

This year I finally added some prettier pages which I'd love to share with you: a PDF to get you started with your own garden journal.

What's included?

You can learn more about it here. 

It's still mud-splattered but it's prettier. :)

Thanks friends and happy gardening!


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